Dr. Combrinck has been Coaching & Consulting individuals, corporate and special groups on personal and professional matters for over three decades. Sessions can be conducted in person, online or following any of his lectures or seminars around the world.

He engages with potential clients about their readiness to implement a worksite wellness program and the management of such a program within the workplace. Hes specialises in behavioural change and using incentives as a tool to drive participation in workplace wellness.


Dr. Combrinck delivers Corporate Wellness into the hearts and minds of people through state of the art wellness assessments, consulting, wellness interventions, education and wellness programs.

He offers turnkey Wellness Solutions which create desired behavioural changes for optimal wellness. Dr. Combrinck's approach is from a mind-body-soul perspective and recognises that wellness is a choice of each and every individual


Dr. Combrinck offers different talks & seminars covering all areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual & social. The central theme of all these is  about creating positive behavioral change within individuals and/or groups.

Programs range from short presentations to full day workshops and seminars and trainings and have relevance for all markets and sectors.