About Dr Martin

The Corporate Yogi, Dr Martin Combrinck, is a Corporate Wellness Strategist, Motivational Speaker and a Laughing Yogi!

During his seminar and talks, he helps people taking responsibility of their own health, wellness and happiness and he lectures nationally and internationally on mind-body related disciplines.

Dr Combrinck approach is from a mindfulness perspective (living in the present moment) and he uses Laughter Therapy as the tool to educate people that joyfulness and wellness is a conscious choice for each and every individual. He challenges people's limited beliefs and self imposed restrictions and assists them in breaking free! 'Being challenged provides you the opportunity to grow and fulfill your personal destiny, what ever that may be'.

Dr Martin is the CEO of Sanga Wellness, a corporate wellness company and the Wellness Council of SA (WELLCOSA), offering wellness certifications to companies.

Dr Combrinck 's Values:
Integrity, trust, helping others awakening their true potential, laughter, living in the moment, commitment, spirituality and self-awakening.

"My Prescription (Rx) = A Daily Dose of Laughter!"