The Art of Laughter

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Cultivating Inner Joy through Laughter

Laughter has the Potential and Power to Heal, Unite and Transform

What is the Art of Laughter Programmme?

An incredibly transformative, non-traditional journey to develop happiness, fortitude, and optimism in your life. During this programme, participants will channel their joy and laughter energy to counteract stress hormones and promote a daily “dose” of well-being.

This evidence-based, all-encompassing programme called The Art of Laughter, is intended to boost resilience and emotional intelligence amongst participants. This program is a component of Dr. Martin Combrinck’s PhD research, which combines positive psychology, mindfulness, stress management techniques and neuroscience.

Laughter is an exhilarating emotion that can be enhanced by a fundamental sense of purpose. Laughter has tremendous psychological advantages. Whether you are dealing with health concerns, relationship conflicts, financial difficulties, or personal obstacles. We may purposefully enhance the quantity of laughing we have in our workplaces and families, as well as consistently promote its use with children and young people.

Programme Outline:-
  1. Learning how to laugh at will without using jokes, comedy or humour.
  2. Mastering and overcoming stress and learn tools how to manage and overcome stress in your life.
  3. Learn the basics of mindfulness and positive psychology.
  4. Discover the deeper aspects of behavioural scienceneuro-psychology and emotional management. 
  5. Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the inter relationship with Resilience.
  6. Learning how to enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem, an essential aspect of becoming more self-resilient.
  7. Laughter techniques and tools to overcome anxiety &  uncertainty e.g. visualisation, breathing practices and exercise.
Key Aspects of the Art of Laughter Programme
Finding Joy in Your Life
Increase Motivation
Improve Confidence and Boost Resilience
Overcoming Negative Beliefs
Using Mindfulness as a Transformational Tool
Building Better and Stronger Relationships


Feedback from the Art of Laughter Programme

“The programme about The Art of Laughter was fantastic. It was a big help in our extremely hectic work, allowing the workers to joke and unwind. It was like to feel a refreshing breeze”.

~ Matthew S

“”When I signed up for this course, I had never heard of utilizing laughter to alter people’s lives. After participating in the program, I could feel the impacts. I have a lot of anxiety. However, after the training, my anxiety was significantly reduced, and I am now able to cope with life”.

~ Rita B

“This program has made me aware of the value of my health and equipped me with coping mechanisms for times of despair. Dr. Martin could provide a detailed explanation of each of the program’s several components and was empathetic, humorous, and engaging.”.

~ Olivia T

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