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About the Life-Quest System

If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.” – Nikola Tesla

This programme combines ancient knowledge with a modern coaching framework. It unlocks and uncovers the secrets of human behaviour and explores your body/mind personality traits. It is used to determine your personality, strengths, and talents, as well as to assist you in overcoming challenges and better managing your emotional needs.

Our love life, career/business, health, family life, friendships, spirituality, leisurely activities, and personality can all be unlocked, discovered and understood via this programme.

Programme Outline:-
  1. It is the based on the science of transformation and growth.
  2. It is simple, powerful, and accurate, and it accelerates coaching results.
  3. The knowledge and understanding gained offers is vast, multi-layered, and profoundly transforming.
  4. It is based on the ancient science of health and well-being, therefore there is no room for error.
  5. It validates and confirms you as an individual, boosting your self-esteem and personal power.
  6. It has the power to transform, heal and improve all your relationships e.g. intimate, families and business.
Key Aspects of the Life-Quest System
Discover Your Life Purpose
Finding Your Personal Attributes
Relationship Compatibility
Leadership Development
Strategic Life Purpose Planning


Feedback from the Life-Quest System

“The Life-Quest System helped me get clarity about my life goals. It prompted me to delve deep within myself to uncover the actual answers to the question: What is my life’s purpose? This program changed my life; thank you, Dr. Martin.”.

Collen P

“I was never able to discover my genuine mission in life. But everything changed following the Life-Quest programme. It revealed who and what I truly am, as well as my highest destiny, enabling me to achieve success in both my personal and professional lives.”

Andre M

“Dr. Martin was successful in blending ancient wisdom into a current framework, making it easy for newer generations to understand. My advice is to enrol in this program if you want to learn everything about your life’s purpose, as well as your abilities and talents!”.

Zandile K

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