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What is the Finding Your Bliss Programmme?

Finding Your Bliss is an evidence-based holistic educational programmme designed to increase emotional intelligence and resilience. Wellness expert Dr Martin Combrinck (PhD) will present a distinctive blend of mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology during this programme.

With the world around us feeling so unstable, it’s critical to cultivate inner strengths such as self-worth, patience, kindness and joy. In a changing world, inner resilience is the foundation for long-term health and well-being.

Dr. Martin offers practical suggestions for developing inner strengths such as grit, gratitude, and compassion, and will assist you in developing resilient well-being no matter what life throws at you.

Programme Outline:-
  1. Learn the basics of mindfulness and positive psychology.
  2. Discover the deeper aspects of behavioural scienceneuro-psychology and emotional management. These factors are responsible for making a person resilient or non-resilient.
  3. Mastering and overcoming stress and learn tools how to manage stress in your life.
  4. Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the inter relationship with strengthening Resilience.
  5. Learning how to focus on self-confidence and self-esteem that is an essential aspect of becoming more self-resilient.
  6. Self-Assessments and qualitative assignments to keep track of one’s own progress and gauge the resilience that is achieved at the end of the programme.
  7. Techniques and tools to master anxiety & stress e.g. breathwork and laughter.
Key Aspects of the Finding Your Bliss Programme
Finding Your Life Purpose
Increase Motivation
Self Improvement
Increasing Confidence & Life Skills


Feedback from the Finding Your Bliss Programme

“Exceptional! Dr. Martin’s extensive expertise and experience, including scientific research, body-mind integration, and personal experiences, make mindfulness more accessible to a diverse audience. I believe that many individuals might benefit if they simply did it. Thank you so much”.

Daniel J

“This programme is amazing and life-changing. For myself personally living joyfully is a journey of discovery that will enable and assist me in my recovery. This course has changed my life. I can’t thank Dr Martin enough – he’s an amazing person and an amazing facilitator!”

Michele B

“This program has given me tools to deal with despair and made me realize how important my health is. It has helped me to get perspective and pace my life so that I do not fall apart. Dr. Martin was empathic, amusing, and entertaining, and he could explain the many parts of the programme thoroughly”.

Oliver M

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